Indie Film Channel

For my motion graphic class we had to develop some channel id's for a channel of our choosing. It was mostly an exercise to get us used to the ins and outs of After Effects but I feel like these were really interesting and weird like the content that is typically on IFC.

The Life Aquatic

Dabbling in motion graphics, I decided to create an opening credits sequence for a movie that I've enjoyed for quite some time now and I chose, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. 


Ben Kadow for Supreme Ny

Supreme is a street wear company with their roots deep in skate culture in the major cities around the world. Their skate team, like a lot of their lifestyle products, is immaculate and one of their heavy hitters is Ben Kadow. I've always loved his style and fearless execution so I decided to make a faux Supreme promo starring Mr. Kadow taking it back to the basics.